• First use the contact page, get in touch and book an appraisal either face to face or video assisted (Skype) as required, complete the payment, let your appraiser know.
  • Decide which form you will use to present your portfolio. Most doctors use the NHSE recommended MAG form. This can be easily downloaded from the internet or from our website.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to complete the requirements including the mandatory 6 pieces of supporting information.
  • Complete the form as best as you can, attaching all relevant information across your entire scope of work and with meaningful reflections.
  • The MAG form will be the basis for the reflective discussion with your Appraiser.
  • Get in touch with your appraiser for pre-appraisal feedback.
  • Your appraiser is there to guide and support you, so be confident and relax at the appraisal.
  • Your appraiser will check through each section of the MAG with you, reflecting on any important areas and finally discuss your plan for the year ahead.
  • At the appraisal meeting, make sure to note the changes required and advice given
  • Complete the changes and inform your appraiser.
  • If all ok, The appraiser will sign the form and email the appraisal certificate to you.

Our Process