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Professor Rehan Kazi & Medical Appraisals UK have been working closely with ACI to help organisations, clinics, locum agencies with requirements as regards a ‘Responsible Officer’ and becoming a ‘Designated body’.

The Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010 and the Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, set the criteria which designates organisations as a “Designated body”. Some organisations are automatically designated, these are listed in the Schedule Part 1 of the responsible officer regulations. Other organisations, the types are listed in the Schedule Part 25, are designated bodies when they have a prescribed connection with at least one doctor usually through employment or one of a variety of contract arrangements. Organisations defined as designated bodies (DBs) have a responsibility to appoint a responsible officer (RO) under these regulations.

The RO has a number of statutory duties in relation to the evaluation of the fitness to practise of every licensed doctor that has a prescribed connection to that designated body. These include, ensuring that the DB carries out regular appraisals on its doctors and that as the RO, they make recommendations to the GMC about the fitness to practise for all the licensed doctors that have a prescribed connection to that DB.

We will help and support you through this process all the way.

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