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Medical Appraisals: engaging & supporting NHS & private & locum Doctors, GPs, APS/PLAB Drs, Dentists, Nurses & other Medical Professionals with their regulatory requirements

This website is for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the UK looking for an skilled, fair and experienced independent medical appraiser for an medical appraisal as part of their licensing requirements of the GMC/NMC/GDC or other regulatory bodies.

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The introduction of medical revalidation in the United Kingdom (UK) from 3 December 2012 provides a key lever for healthcare improvement.

Medical appraisal and revalidation reinforces the duty of healthcare organisations to create an environment where doctors can meet their professional obligations. It also requires doctors to take part in organisational processes such as annual medical appraisal and clinical governance.



We are also committed to work with other healthcare professionals like nurses, midwifes and other healthcare professionals by providing them a comprehensive medical appraisal platform that meets their professional regulatory requirements as set out by the NHS procurement framework.

Medical doctors appraisal including a GP appraisal can be often daunting to the uninitiated. Well conducted doctors appraisals including GP appraisals can improve job satisfaction and performance and may ultimately increase the quality and safety of patient care. We believe that a medical appraisal is at the core of this model. We will ensure that all medical practitioners have access to a experienced independent medical appraiser who is able to guide them through the use of various kits including the medical appraisal form, doctor appraisal toolkit, medical appraisal guide and assist them successfully through the key medical governance processes.


  • Professor Kazi conducted my appraisal and annual review for the past two year. He is very thorough and goes through all aspects required for the appraisal with care and appreciation of what is intended in the appraisal in order to improve you as a doctor with resultant improvement patient care, as I believe is the ethos of the appraisal and re-validation process. Professor Kazi is very knowledgeable on the appraisal process and clearly is an experienced appraiser. I had the benefit of a very constructive and realistic  feedback which gave rise to manageable educational and CME activities which I found directly led to improvement in my practice. I recommend Professor Kazi’s appraisal services wholeheartedly.

    Senior Doctor G
    United Kingdom
  • I was struggling to complete my yearly appraisal and the revalidation. This is because I work as locum and being locum doctor, it is difficult task to fulfil the domains of appraisal defined by the GMC. Besides I found difficult to understand the objectives in clear terms. PRK whom I was assigned to as my appraiser really took the responsibility. He explained me in detail how I should present the facts in the context of domains. He explained me the shortcomings in my portfolio and asked me to do focussed work so that I score the requisite points. He guided me throughout the appraisal and revalidation process so that I understand the objectives and made me achieve the revalidation.

    In short I can describe Professor Kazi as a good guide and mentor who deserves to be very able appraiser.

    Thank you Professor Kazi

    Senior Doctor F
    United Kingdom
  • Professor Kazi has appraised me thrice during my annual appraisal, as a part of revalidation.

    He has dealt with each appraisal in the most professional manner.  The appraisal meetings have run in a very smooth and timely manner.  Each section of the appraisal has been completed to my utmost satisfaction with ample opportunity for discussion and constructive feedback.

    He communicates effectively and is prompt in completing the appraisal formalities.

    Overall I found him to be an experienced, gentle and friendly appraiser who makes you feel comfortable throughout the appraisal meeting.

    Senior Doctor E
  • Professor Kazi has been my appraiser twice & I can write with all honesty that he is a very competent, knowledgeable & experienced appraiser. He judged my knowledge & practice in my subject as ENT surgeon in an unbiased way making me so comfortable as if was not an appraisal but a friendly meeting . He was very thorough in assessing me while discussing the MAG form page by page. He took a quick decision soon after wards. That showed his experience, thoroughness & competence in dealing with appraisal meetings. I will rate him the very best.

    Senior Doctor D
  • I had my annual appraisal and revalidation in recent years. Prof Rehan Kazi acted as my appraiser and during the whole process I found him very approachable, always helpful, kind and through professional. I would certainly recommend him to my colleagues and friends for the appraisal and revalidation

    Senior Doctor A
    United Kingdom
  • I have had the pleasure to be assessed for the second year for my GMC Revalidation by someone like you with great experience and knowledge in the field. As a British doctor working overseas it is vital to keep a live my GMC registration with license to practice for job security and obtaining my overseas license. The two Appraisals offered me a valuable opportunity to focus on work activities and goals, to identify and correct existing problems, and to be encourage better future performance. The value of this intense and purposeful interaction between you as a supervisor and me as a subordinate should not be underestimated

    Senior Doctor B


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We are usually asked about

What is the cost of an appraisal?

  • Medical Appraisal: Online (Skype) – £300; Face to Face – £400
  • REV 12 form completion for GMC direct submission: £100
  • Pre-appraisal 121 coaching and support: £200

How do I complete the payment?

Once you have emailed us the MAG form, payment details will be provided to you to complete. Following payment, we will identify a quick appraisal date for you.

How do i complete my appraisal portfolio?

You can complete your portfolio using the commonly used NHS MAG form or any other recognised portfolio template.

The MAG form can be dowloaded from:

Please follow the download instructions as on the link.

Can you give me an urgent date for an appraisal?

Yes this is not a problem provided your MAG is complete and ready. Please email this to us at

 and we will give you an urgent date for your appraisal.

Are you a qualified appraiser?

Yes – Professor Rehan Kazi is a trained, certified, experienced medical appraiser. He is qualified to undertake even complex appraisals and appraisals of drs doing a direct submission (annual return) to the GMC. We can provide proof of the same if required.

Will you provide an appraisal certificate?

Yes at the end of a satisfactory appraisal, you will be provided an appraisal certificate.

What is different about your service as compared to other appraisers?

Current appraisal providers are either unnecessarily too expensive or burdensome in their requirements. We are not. Professor Kazi is well trained, unbiased and experienced to handle even the complex appraisals for NHS, locum and independent sector doctors. We will be happy to help you with any appraisal coaching or the appraisal itself using the MAG form or any other recognised portfolio template.

We fully appreciate that often doctors appraisal process can be burdensome and cause anxiety. We undertake our appraisals using Skype or face to face as per your convenience and endeavour to make the appraisal process as smooth and stress free as possible for you. We are clear and transparent in our charges and processes. This is clear from the positive reviews for our process and appraisers on Google and other sites.

The blogs on the website are a useful source of appraisal and revalidation information, and mythbusters intended to help doctors complete their appraisal requirements. We can provide you a super-quick appraisal appointment in 24-48hrs if your portfolio is complete.

I have no idea about the requirements of an appraisal?

In such a case, we strongly suggest a pre-appraisal 121 coaching with us. This will bring you up to speed with the requirements of an appraisal and how to acquire this.

I have a designated body. Can you do my appraisal?

Yes, Professor Rehan Kazi can do your appraisal as long as you have the clear permission from your DB for an outside appraisal.

Please note, if your DB has outsourced the appraisal work to HLS or MEDSU,  you cannot do your appraisal from the website MAUK due to a conflict of interest as Professor Rehan Kazi is on the panel of appraisers.

He will be happy to do your appraisal through HLS or MEDSU as per their terms and conditions.

Can you tell me something about the 121 coaching for medical appraisals?

The process of appraisal for doctors can appear to be a very daunting and stressful. We can help you through this process with tailored 121 coaching to ensure you are aware of the requirements as regards your appraisal and revalidation.

This will specifically cover the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ as regards reflections, CPD, quality improvement, feedback and a personal development plan.

This will take place over skype/video link

Tell me about the complaints and compliments section for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains how to record complaints and compliments in your appraisal portfolio.

How do I collect cpd/cme for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains how to collect your feedback for the appraisal, the required numbers and how to record this in your appraisal portfolio.

What is a PDP for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains what you should and should not include in your Personal Development Plan (PDP) for a medical appraisal.

What is a Probity for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains the term probity in the context of a medical appraisal for doctors.

What is reflection for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains what is meant by reflection and how to record this for your appraisal.

What is a significant event for a medical appraisal?

The short video in our Watch and Learn section explains what is meant by a significant event for your appraisal and how to record this in your appraisal portfolio.