Medical Appraisals: engaging & supporting NHS & private & locum Doctors, GPs, APS/PLAB Drs, Dentists, Nurses & other Medical Professionals with their regulatory requirements

This website is for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the UK looking for an skilled, fair and experienced independent medical appraiser for an medical appraisal as part of their licensing requirements of the GMC/NMC/GDC or other regulatory bodies.






The introduction of medical revalidation in the United Kingdom (UK) from 3 December 2012 provides a key lever for healthcare improvement.

Medical appraisal and revalidation reinforces the duty of healthcare organisations to create an environment where doctors can meet their professional obligations. It also requires doctors to take part in organisational processes such as annual medical appraisal and clinical governance.



We are also committed to work with other healthcare professionals like nurses, midwifes and other healthcare professionals by providing them a comprehensive medical appraisal platform that meets their professional regulatory requirements as set out by the NHS procurement framework.

Medical doctors appraisal including a GP appraisal can be often daunting to the uninitiated. Well conducted doctors appraisals including GP appraisals can improve job satisfaction and performance and may ultimately increase the quality and safety of patient care. We believe that a medical appraisal is at the core of this model. We will ensure that all medical practitioners have access to a experienced independent medical appraiser who is able to guide them through the use of various kits including the medical appraisal form, doctor appraisal toolkit, medical appraisal guide and assist them successfully through the key medical governance processes.


PRK conducted my appraisal and annual review for the past two year. He is very thorough and goes through all aspects required for the appraisal with care and appreciation of what is intended in the appraisal in order to improve you as a doctor with resultant improvement patient care, as I believe is the ethos of the appraisal and re-validation process . PRK is very knowledgeable on the appraisal process and clearly is an experienced appraiser. I had the benefit of a very constructive and realistic  feedback which gave rise to manageable educational and CME activities which I found directly led to improvement in my practice. I recommend PRK’s appraisal services wholeheartedly.

Testimonial 7
10/010/16, United Kingdom

I was struggling to complete my yearly appraisal and the revalidation. This is because I work as locum and being locum doctor, it is difficult task to fulfil the domains of appraisal defined by the GMC. Besides I found difficult to understand the objectives in clear terms. PRK whom I was assigned to as my appraiser really took the responsibility. He explained me in detail how I should present the facts in the context of domains. He explained me the shortcomings in my portfolio and asked me to do focussed work so that I score the requisite points. He guided me throughout the appraisal and revalidation process so that I understand the objectives and made me achieve the revalidation.

In short I can describe PRK as a good guide and mentor who deserves to be very able appraiser.

Thank you PK

Testimonial 6
09/10/16, United Kingdom

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