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Quality improvement activities in the context of doctor appraisal & revalidation

Please find below the current RCOG and GMC guidance on what is meant by quality improvement activities in the context of medical revalidation and guidance on what you need to do to prepare for a doctors appraisal and revalidation - https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/cpd-revalidation/revalidation/getting-ready-for-revalidation/quality-improvement-activities/

You will need to demonstrate that you regularly review and evaluate the quality of your work. You can do this by participating in clinical audits, reviews of clinical outcomes or case reviews/discussions. These quality improvement activities should reflect the breadth of your clinical work over the 5-year revalidation period.

Clinical audit

You should participate in at least one complete audit cycle (audit; practice review; re-audit) in every 5-year revalidation cycle.

Where relevant and possible, you should participate in national audits. You are also encouraged to improve your own practice through personal and local audit.

Review of clinical outcomes

You will need to demonstrate the quality of your practice through a review of your clinical outcomes. Clinical outcomes used for revalidation need to be robust, attributable and well validated.

Examples include participation in the collection of data for national registries or databases, or contributions to nationally agreed standards or protocols.

Case reviews/discussions

If appropriate audits and registries are unavailable, you can use case reviews/discussions as evidence of your commitment to improving the quality of your work.

Examples include submission of case reviews (with evidence of reflection against national guidelines or standards, discussion with your peers or presentation at department meetings) or evidence of relevant working party or committee work (with evidence of your personal input and reflection).

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