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Quality improvement activities as supporting information for your medical appraisal

This Blog addresses the issue of quality improvement activities as supporting information for your medical appraisal.

From: https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/appraisals/appraisal-tips-for-sessional-gps

The RCGP recommends that you 'demonstrate the ability to review and learn from your medical practice by reflecting on representative quality improvement activities (QIA) relevant to your clinical work every year, with a spread of QIAs across all of your scope of work over a five year cycle'.

In the past this has meant two SEAs each year and a clinical audit in a five year cycle. In the current RCGP guidance no fixed number of QIAs is specifically recommended. The guidance builds on the recent trend towards greater flexibility and recognises that some forms of QIA may be difficult to achieve in some circumstances, for example true peripatetic locum work.

Forms of QIA

The guidance also recommends that you should choose QIAs which are representative and appropriate to your scope of work. QIAs can take many forms such as:

  • large scale national audit
  • formal audit
  • review of personal outcome data
  • small scale data searches
  • nformation collection and analysis (Search and Do activities)
  • plan/do/study/act (PDSA) cycles
  • significant event analysis (SEA) reflective case reviews
  • outcomes of reflection on your formal patient and colleague feedback survey results, Significant Events and Complaints'.

You are encouraged to submit good quality examples with appropriate reflection, making clear your personal involvement without the need to be involved in data collection. Where organisational, regional or national outcome data is provided you can provide a reflection on what this means about your personal performance and your response or actions.

Where you employ specific clinical skills such as minor surgery, joint injections, cervical smears and IUCD/IUS insertions, a log of personal outcome data with reflection would be a suitable example.

From: https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/appraisals/appraisal-tips-for-sessional-gps

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