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Key messages as regards appraisals and revalidation for medical doctors in the UK

This Blog summarises the key messages as regards appraisals and revalidation for medical doctors in the UK.

From: RCGP-Revalidation-Mythbusters-2016.pdf

  • The GMC provides the definitive guidance about the requirements for revalidation. If you meet the GMC requirements that will be sufficient for successful revalidation.
  • Your role in revalidation is to demonstrate that you are up-to-date and fit to practise.
  • Your role in appraisal is to engage in a process that supports you as a Dr, helping you to demonstrate your reflective practice and your continuing professional development, as well as facilitating quality improvements across your whole scope of work.
  • The way that you choose to record and demonstrate your supporting information should remain reasonable and proportionate, without detracting unduly from your patient care, or the leisure time that is necessary for remaining fit to practise.
  • Reflection is a process of looking back over knowledge, experiences or events and critically analysing what has been learned, and then planning for any changes that need to be made as a result.
  • As a professional, you will reflect on your practice all the time, both consciously and unconsciously, but not all reflection can be (or needs to be) documented.
  • You should be selective in what you document in your portfolio of supporting information, choosing to include what is of particular importance to you and focusing on quality not quantity of supporting information.
  • If you are not sure how to record your supporting information, or you are finding it too burdensome, talk to your appraiser.
  • Appraisers are trained to help you to put together your portfolio in an efficient way.
  • Well trained and supported appraisers can be a valuable resource. They have expertise in understanding the requirements for revalidation and in facilitating your reflection and professional development, by creating the protected time and space during appraisal to provide support, encouragement and stimulation.
  • If you are working in an unusual context, and you are not sure what is appropriate for your circumstances, talk to your appraiser or responsible officer, as they have networks of peer support and the experience to help you to determine what would be appropriate in your case.RCGP-Revalidation-Mythbusters-2016.pdf

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