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Do you have to use the GMC questionnaire only for patient and colleague feedback as part of your doctor appraisal?

This Blog clears the myth that you have to use the GMC questionnaire only for patient and colleague feedback as part of your doctor appraisal.

From: RCGP-Revalidation-Mythbusters-2016.pdf

The GMC questionnaires provide the template on which many appropriate patient and colleague feedback tools are now based. There is no GMC requirement to use the GMC questionnaires. They are not suitable for all patient / client groups, or accessible to all, and there may be better tools for your circumstances, whether they relate to a very specific scope of work, or a hard to reach group. The GMC has provided guidance on developing, commissioning and administering patient and colleague questionnaires as part of revalidation.

You do not need to use any tool in particular, but you should choose one that is appropriate to your patient population and is accessible to all the different types of patient across your scope of work as far as possible. You should include feedback from at least the minimum number of patients required by the tool you choose to use. The feedback should be gathered in such a way that the patients are entirely clear that their responses will be anonymous. For example, you must not collect the responses yourself in such a way that patients think you might be able to read them, or choose only the best. One option is for them to be collected into a sealed box that it opened by someone else who passes them on to someone outside your own practice, such as the questionnaire provider, to collate. The results should be externally collated into a report that gives you the feedback you need so that you can reflect on the results in preparation for your appraisal.

The most sophisticated tools provide a chance for you to provide your self-reflection about your performance against the same questions, and some indication about how the feedback you get compares with benchmark data for doctors in your sector and area. However, as new tools are developed, this is not always possible in the early stages as there have not been enough responses to create meaningful benchmarks to calibrate your feedback against. You should also be aware that there may be an early adopter bias that makes early benchmarks for new tools unrealistically high.

From: RCGP-Revalidation-Mythbusters-2016.pdf

MEDSU (medsu.org) have a wonderful cloud based appraisal platform that incorporates free patient and colleague 360 degree feedback links - this is simple to use, take very little time to complete and easy to read with all analysis done by the software itself!

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