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Current State of Medical Appraisal and Revalidation

The introduction of NHS medical appraisal and revalidation in the United Kingdom (UK) from 3 December 2012 provides a key lever for healthcare improvement. Medical revalidation reinforces the duty of every doctor to meet their professional obligations as regards appraisal and revalidation.

Revalidation of doctors is a key component of a range of measures designed to improve the quality of care for patients; it is the process by which the General Medical Council (GMC) confirms the continuation of a doctor’s licence to practise in the UK. The purpose of revalidation is to assure patients and the public, employers and other healthcare professionals that licensed doctors are up to date and fit to practise. Doctors in the UK have to undergo an annual appraisal and revalidation every 5 years.

Responsible officers rely on robust appraisal outputs to help determine their periodic recommendations about doctors to the General Medical Council.

As well as supporting the requirements of medical revalidation, appraisers help the doctors they appraise to reflect on their work and to identify their learning needs and career aspirations. They then work with the doctors to plan their future development in line with these needs, integrating with those of their employer(s) and the NHS.

Well conducted appraisals and appraisal for medical staff can improve job satisfaction and performance and may ultimately increase the quality and safety of patient care. Medical Appraisal is an annual professional review of your entire scope of practise providing you an opportunity to reflect and learn from the year gone by. It is not a performance review or a judgement on your skills and knowledge. An appraisal is the platform to showcase your achievements for the year and structure a SMART personal development plan for the future.

The need for a robust and quality assured doctors appraisal service has lead to the mushrooming for a number of approved independent medical appraisers providing appraisals for doctors. These doctor appraisal services need to regulated well so that they continue to deliver in lines with NHSE. Appraisal for doctors can be daunting but at the same time very rewarding too. There are a  large number of locum and private  doctors who require independent doctors appraisal services and doctors appraisal consultancy. Appraisal for doctors and medical professionals have traditionally been done face to face. However increasingly a number of organisations are now providing online appraisal for doctors through video assisted technology like Skype. This is a cost effective and sound alternative. Appraisal and revalidation for locum doctors is an example. Medical appraisals UK is an independent provider of UK medical appraisals for locum Drs, NHS Drs,  GPs, private Drs helping them through their medical revalidation journey.

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