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Collecting colleague and patient feedback is an essential component of the medical appraisal process for doctors working in the United Kingdom. This feedback provides valuable insights into a doctor's communication skills, teamwork, patient interaction, and overall clinical performance. The General Medical Council (GMC) places great emphasis on gathering feedback from those who interact with the doctor professionally.


1. Identifying Colleagues and Patients: Start by identifying colleagues and patients who have had substantial interactions with you during the appraisal period. Colleagues can include fellow doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative staff who have worked closely with you. Patients should be individuals who have received care from you during the specified timeframe.


2. Approach and Communication: Reach out to your colleagues and patients professionally to request their feedback. Explain the purpose of the feedback and reassure them that their input will remain confidential. Emphasise that their feedback is crucial for your ongoing professional development and improving patient care.


3. Feedback Mechanisms: There are various ways to collect feedback. For colleagues, you might consider using online platforms, email, or face-to-face conversations. For patients, you can provide paper surveys, online forms, or even use dedicated patient feedback software used by your organisation or clinic.


4. Constructive Questions: When designing the feedback questions, make sure they are specific, relevant, and open-ended. For colleagues, inquire about your teamwork, communication, and contributions to patient care. For patients, focus on their overall experience, communication, and the quality of care they received.


5. Collating and Reflecting: Once you have collected feedback, collate the responses and analyse the trends. Look for common themes, both positive and areas for improvement. Reflect on the feedback you've received and consider how it aligns with your own self-assessment. Use this information to set goals and plan your professional development.


Remember that the goal of collecting feedback is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement. Be open to constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity to grow as a medical professional. By actively seeking and incorporating feedback from colleagues and patients, you demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality patient-centred care and continuous professional development, in alignment with GMC standards.



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