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State of the medical revalidation exercise for UK doctors - recommendations to the GMC

This blog is a word to word account from Sir Keith Pearson’s report on the state of the medical revalidation exercise for UK doctors.

From: http://www.gmc-uk.org/Taking_revalidation_forward___Improving_the_process_of_relicensing_for_doctors.pdf_68683704.pdf

Key recommendations for the GMC, working with others: 

  • Update guidance on the supporting information required for appraisal for revalidation to make clear what is mandatory (and why), what is sufficient, and where flexibility exists.
  • Ensure consistency and compatibility across different sources of guidance. 
  • Identify ways to improve the input of patients into the revalidation process by developing a broader definition of feedback which harnesses technology and makes the process more ‘real time’ and accessible to patients.
  • Consider bringing forward the date of first revalidation for newly-licensed doctors. 
  • Set out expectations for board-level engagement in revalidation and provide tools to support this.
  • Address weaknesses in information sharing in respect of doctors who move between designated bodies.
  • Continue work with the CQC and NHSE in England to reduce workload and duplication for GPs.
  • Work with relevant organisations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to identify and respond to any similar issues if they emerge.
  • Identify a range of measures by which to track the impact of revalidation on patient care and safety over time.
  • Consider replacing the term ‘revalidation’ with ‘relicensing’.

From: http://www.gmcuk.org/Taking_revalidation_forward___Improving_the_process_of_relicensing_for_doctors.pdf_68683704.pdf

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