Doctors with on going GMC investigations

Engaging with international hospitals, clinics, agencies and overseas doctors

Appraisals for Drs with on going GMC investigations, conditions/restrictions &  International Medical Appraisals

The GMC recommends that doctors with on going investigations should nevertheless as part of GMP continue to engage the appraisal process. We can support such Drs through this process by helping facilitate an appraisal. Similarly we can support the complex appraisal of Drs with conditions and restrictions.

There is an increasing worldwide demand for healthcare organisations to be able to provide assurance and evidence to patients that they have quality assured, fit to practice, up-to-date doctors, nurses and health professionals on their books delivering high quality patient care.

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Completed Objectives

At the end of this session, you will feel more confident as regards the requirements of an appraisal and collection of the evidence.

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