Pre-appraisal coaching & support

Appraisals for Doctors

The process of appraisal for doctors can appear to be a very daunting. We can help you through this process with tailored coaching to ensure you are aware of the requirements as regards your appraisal and revalidation.

This will specifically cover the ‘where’ and ‘how’ as regards reflections, CPD, quality improvement, feedback and a personal development plan.

Medical Appraisal

We specialise in providing an appraisal as per required standards and guidelines either video assisted (Skype) or face to face for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the  UK looking for an appraisal as part of their licensing requirements of the GMC/NMC/GDC/other regulatory bodies or as part of the LPP/CPP framework.

Responsible Officer Services

Outsourced Governance Service

A RO is accountable for the local governance processes in an organisation, focusing on the conduct and performance of the connected doctors.

We can work with MEDSU to offer a complete outsourced governance service for employing organisations, with GMC/NHSE compliant systems and processes, a specialist administration team and our network of experienced independent Appraisers and Responsible Officers – to ensure our clients meet all of their statutory obligations.

Drs with on going GMC restrictions

Appraisals for Drs with on going GMC investigations, conditions/restrictions &  International Medical Appraisals

The GMC  recommends that doctors with on going investigations should nevertheless as part of GMP continue to engage the appraisal process. We can support such Drs through this process by helping facilitate an appraisal. Similarly we can support the complex appraisal of Drs with conditions and restrictions.

There is an increasing worldwide demand for healthcare organisations to be able to provide assurance and evidence to patients that they have quality assured, fit to practice, up-to-date doctors, nurses and health professionals on their books delivering high quality patient care.

We can work with international hospitals, clinics, agencies and overseas doctors to deliver bespoke, robust and effective medical appraisal outsourced solutions with the help of the Medical Support Union (MEDSU).

The range of services we can provide include:

  • Appraisal & revalidation facilitations and management
  • Patient and colleague feedback management
  • External quality assurance
  • Medical/clinical governance to improve the quality of care

Becoming a Designated Body

Organisations employing or contracting with doctors that are “designated organisations” are by law either required or allowed to appoint a Responsible Officer. We work closely with MEDSU to help you through this process.

The Medical Support Union (MEDSU) offers a quality assured and comprehensive governance service as a fully outsourced and risk managed service. This includes the provision of a highly experienced and fully trained Responsible Officer whose duty it is to ensure that organisations have appropriate processes in place, to provide a framework within which doctors are encouraged to maintain and improve their practice, Access to a unique and cost-effective e-Portfolio with Multisource Feedback for your doctors, Support from a professional, experienced revalidation administration team

Access to a network of experienced Appraisers, fully compliant Governance systems, policies and procedures and Management of your Quality Assurance Framework, including quarterly and annual returns to NHSE.

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