Medical Appraisals UK


Medical Appraisals UK was established in 2016 as an independent, certified medical appraisal provider for doctors by Professor Rehan Kazi. He is a highly experienced, trained medical appraiser and Responsible Officer. Our aim is to provide a simple, cost effective, certified and robust appraisal service to our fellow doctors in line with the requirements of the NHSE and the GMC.

Medical appraisal is a process of facilitated self-review supported by information gathered from the full scope of a doctor’s work.

A medical appraisal can be used for four purposes:

  1. To enable doctors to discuss their practice and performance with their appraiser in order to demonstrate that they continue to meet the principles and values set out in Good Medical Practice and thus to inform the responsible officer’s revalidation recommendation to the GMC.
  2. To enable doctors to enhance the quality of their professional work by planning their professional development.
  3. To enable doctors to consider their own needs in planning their professional development.

Current appraisal providers are either unnecessarily too expensive or burdensome in their requirements. We are not. You will have direct and 121 access to Professor Kazi who is well trained, unbiased and experienced to handle even the complex appraisals for NHS, locum and independent sector doctors. We will be happy to help you with any appraisal coaching or the appraisal itself using the MAG form or any other recognised portfolio template. 

We fully appreciate that often doctors appraisal process can be burdensome and cause anxiety. We undertake our appraisals using Skype (or any other video calling technology app/service) or face to face as per your convenience and endeavour to make the appraisal process as smooth and stress free as possible for you. We are clear and transparent in our charges and processes. This is clear from the positive reviews for our process and appraisers on Google and other sites. 

The blogs on the website are a useful source of appraisal and revalidation information, and mythbusters intended to help doctors complete their appraisal requirements. We can provide you a super-quick appraisal appointment in 24-48hrs if your portfolio is complete.

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  • Access to a trained, certified, quality-assured and experienced appraiser
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