Professor Rehan Kazi


About Me

Rehan has a wealth of experience as a head and neck cancer surgeon, academic, independent medical appraiser and Responsible Officer. He is a specialist in providing independent medical appraisals both face to face and video assisted (Skype) for NHS doctors, locum doctors, GPs, medico-legal experts and independent sector doctors. He also provides advice and governance support to organisations and individual professionals including doctors, nurses, midwifes in the UK healthcare sector to help stay on track with their regulatory obligations and quality assurance goals.

He is on the appraiser panel of several DBs having been trained and meeting the set of core competencies, such as the ones set out in the NHS Revalidation Support Team’s guidance for Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers.

He has written more than 100 PubMed scientific articles and is a author of several speciality books. Rehan is the Director of Revalidation Services at MEDSU – Medical Support Union.